Halo Number Plates - A Revolutionary replacement for the current vehicle license plate

Welcome to a revolution in number plate technology...

At Halo Number Plates we envisioned to create a modern identification badge for the 2nd most expensive purchase of an individual’s life after their house. The Auto... Halo Number Plates are a compliment to your vehicles existing contours and light display, finishing off the vehicle like a Windsor Knot in your tie or that clutch bag to your evening dress

Each and every plate is assembled and built by a single craftsman to ensure continuity of quality throughout and as a British manufacturer through creative modernisation we can create opportunity, our design and innovation within legal boundaries aims to redevelop our surroundings, given time for society to acknowledge change, we create opportunity, harmony and social well being

High quality components and build quality

Halo Number Plates over exceed the BS145AUD standards requirements, made with high grade components from reputable manufacturers such as Nikkalite and 3M with a combination of CREE LED lighting giving of 50,000 hours of lifetime. The VRM on Halo plates sit only 2.5mm proud of the surface. Call us on 020 8680 8888 or email us here for more...

Automatic number plate recognition cameras are not affected by our plates, ANPR cameras have a substantial amount of infrared light beaming on your vehicle which makes your number plate reflect the light back and the data capture software then reads the black characters of your number plate, Halo number plate light is completely washed off with the overpowering infrared light. Halo plates are designed to be bright in minimal light and standard under normal light. Also our number plates use the highest quality of Nikkalite reflective that over exceeds the BS145AUD requirements

  • High Quality build process
  • High Quality components
  • CREE LED lighting
  • 50,000 hours of lifetime
  • Instantly Recognisable

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